ANKOR CONSTRUCTION INC. provides a wide range of services to plan, oversee, and execute construction projects, ensuring they are completed on time, within budget, and to the client’s satisfaction. We offer expertise in project planning, coordination, and execution.

  1. Project Planning:

    • Feasibility Studies: Conducting initial assessments to determine the project’s viability, considering factors like budget, timeline, and technical requirements.
    • Site Selection: Assisting in the selection of suitable locations for construction projects based on client needs, zoning regulations, and site-specific considerations.
    • Master Planning: Developing comprehensive master plans that outline project goals, scope, and milestones.

  2. Budgeting and Cost Estimation:

    • Cost Analysis: Providing detailed cost estimates for the entire project, including materials, labor, equipment, and contingency planning.
    • Value Engineering: Identifying opportunities to optimize project costs without sacrificing quality, functionality, or safety.

  3. Contracting and Procurement:

    • Contractor Selection: Assisting clients in selecting contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers through a competitive bidding process or negotiation.
    • Contract Management: Administering and managing construction contracts to ensure that all parties adhere to the terms and conditions.
    • Procurement: procuring all the material required for construction

  4. Design Management:

    • Architectural Coordination: Collaborating with architects and engineers to ensure design concepts are translated into practical construction plans.
    • Quality Control: Implementing quality control measures to maintain design integrity throughout the construction process.

  5. Project Scheduling:

    • Construction Scheduling: Creating detailed project schedules, setting milestones, and ensuring that construction phases are completed on time.
    • Critical Path Analysis: Identifying critical path activities and managing them to prevent schedule delays.

  6. Risk Management:

    • Risk Assessment: Identifying potential risks and developing strategies to mitigate and manage them.
    • Safety Planning: Implementing safety protocols to protect the well-being of workers and site visitors.

  7. Construction Supervision:
    • On-Site Management: Providing on-site supervision to ensure that the construction work is carried out according to plans and specifications.
    • Quality Assurance: Conducting inspections and quality checks to maintain high construction standards.

  8. Change Management:

    • Change Order Management: Handling change orders, modifications, and variations in the project scope, ensuring that they are documented, approved, and implemented efficiently.

  9. Communication and Reporting:

    • Client Communication: Maintaining regular communication with clients to provide updates on project progress and address any concerns or questions.
    • Progress Reports: Generating and sharing progress reports and documentation with stakeholders.

  10. Project Documentation:

    • Record Keeping: Maintaining comprehensive project documentation, including drawings, specifications, contracts, and meeting minutes.
    • As-Built Drawings: Creating as-built drawings to document changes and additions during construction for future reference.

  11. Commissioning and Handover:

    • Systems Commissioning: Coordinating the testing and commissioning of building systems to ensure they operate as intended.
    • Client Handover: Preparing for the smooth handover of the completed project to the client, including necessary documentation and training.

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