ANKOR CONSTRUCTION INC. specializes in providing a range of services related to electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. These companies play a vital role in supporting the growing adoption of electric vehicles by offering charging solutions for both residential and commercial customers.

  1. Charging Station Installation:

    • Residential Charging Stations: Installing EV charging stations at homes, ensuring that the charging infrastructure is compatible with the client’s EV model and electrical system.
    • Commercial Charging Stations: Deploying charging stations at businesses, parking facilities, public areas, and other commercial locations, often with multiple charging points to serve multiple users simultaneously.

  2. Charging Equipment Selection:

    • Charger Type: Recommending and supplying a variety of charging equipment, including Level 1 (120V), Level 2 (240V), and DC fast chargers, depending on the client’s needs and preferences.
    • Networked Charging: Offering networked charging stations with features such as remote monitoring, user access control, and payment processing for commercial applications.

  3. Site Assessment and Design:

    • Site Surveys: Conducting site evaluations to determine the optimal location for charging stations, taking into consideration factors like power availability, accessibility, safety, and compliance with regulations.
    • Electrical Infrastructure Upgrades: Assessing and, if necessary, upgrading the electrical system to accommodate the charging stations.

  4. Permitting and Compliance:

    • Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring that all necessary permits and regulatory requirements are met, and handling permitting processes on behalf of the client.
    • Safety Standards: Adhering to safety standards and guidelines for electrical installations to ensure the safe operation of charging stations.

  5. Maintenance and Repairs:

    • Emergency Repairs: Providing 24/7 emergency repair services to address unexpected issues, minimize downtime, and maximize uptime for EV users.

  6. Network Connectivity and Data Management:

    • Remote Monitoring: Offering remote monitoring and management services to track the performance, status, and usage of charging stations in real-time.
    • Data Analysis: Providing data analytics to help clients optimize charging station usage, pricing strategies, and energy consumption.

  7. Technical Support and User Training:

    • Customer Support: Offering technical support and assistance to both station owners and EV users to resolve issues and answer questions.
    • User Training: Providing training for EV owners on how to use the charging stations effectively and safely.

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